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Weird Beard Company

Weird Beard Company

The Weird Beard Oil Co.


Weird Beard Oil Co. is a small family run business based in Carlisle, Cumbria which currently makes and sells beard oils and beard balms but will be looking to make other products in the future, including lip balms, hair serum, shampoo and conditioner.


Weird Beard Oil Co. hand make premium oils and balms, using only natural ingredients, in small batches to ensure product quality and freshness. The process has the added benefit of also significantly reducing waste. The environment is hugely important to the business, so they sought products and packaging that would reduce their impact on it.




Brian, Owner of Weird Beard Oil Co. had a beard for a number of years and tried various oils and balms, but never felt like they were just right for him, so he started making beard oils and balms for himself. He chose the best quality natural ingredients, which are responsibly sourced and Certified Soil Association Organic.


He looked into various packaging options, including glass jars for his balms, but decided on Tinware Direct aluminium tins because they are corrosion resistant with an EPE liner and they were great value for money.


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