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For EU shipping, please visit our European store by clicking this banner.
Vegan Wax Co.

Vegan Wax Co.



Vegan Wax Co was launched January 2019. Their range of massage wax is hand made in small batches with no animal products and only contains vegan friendly ingredients.

Susie, who started the company is a qualified clinical massage therapist and prefers to use a solid product rather than traditional oil as its much cleaner and easier to control.

Currently there is just her and my husband, hand-making our products in Swansea and selling them online and at fairs and events.  




Sian a Nerys are a new start up business and had been developing their products over the past few months. They knew they wanted to produce Welsh herbs and spices tins but hadn’t worked out what they would look like or how they would get them produced. After picking up lots of different jars of herbs and spices in supermarkets, the sisters felt that they needed something a bit different and more sustainable as a long-term storage container.


What Vegan Wax Co Say ‘’ We needed a range of sizes including small tins suitable for sending out samples and you were able to provide these. One of the great things about Millbarn Packaging is the fantastic customer service, it is really great and the service is quick and efficient. I would definitely recommend Millbarn Packaging to anyone looking for tins.''

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