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Lantern Candles

Lantern Candles



After attending a candle making course in 2017, She knew she had found her new career, to create a product from soy wax and fragrance, which can then create wonderful atmospheres in homes.

Next was the search for a suitable container....



Having tried glass which she found often too heavy , she opted to try jars which she found ends up looking like a jam sale.

After trying various materials she discovered Millbarn Packaging which is where she discovered the "tin" which forms my core range.


What Lantern Candles Say:


‘’ the "tin" is so popular, and is always commented on at the craft fairs I attend , my customers love it and so do I , it keeps my fragranced candles snug as a bug until you want to light them, and combined with my product labels looks amazing, thankyou for helping to shape my company’’

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