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Unboxing Your Products Potential

Unboxing Your Products Potential

Customer experience is at the heart of many businesses and the growing popularity of the unboxing trend opens a whole new spectrum of challenges but also provides plenty of opportunities.

Packaging is a direct-to-consumer brand touch point without delivering a retail experience. How your product looks and feels in a space, in a box, promotes perceived value and gains loyalty from customers when the brand resonates.

Think inside the box

Equally important is the interior box aka “the unboxing.” This is your first moment with your customer after they clicked “confirm order” and it’s an important one — it can be a powerful word-of-mouth moment where your customer can turn into your promoter and advocate. The better the unboxing, with attractive colours and clever copy, the more likely you’ll have your viral moment. People love to share what they love. And in a world of iPhone's and Instagram, everyone is looking to create new content.

Product presentation

Once you’ve solidified your box and the contents of it, you’ll need to highlight the product itself. When the box is opened, your product should be the first thing the customer sees.

Place extras underneath the product so they'll be found once your customer has ‘visually consumed’ the product.


Underneath the product, place some extra value. For example, a free sample of another product can increase retention rates. Other things like a return label make it easier for your customer to return their purchase if something isn’t right. A business card with links or icons directed towards your social media channels can further aid your business by growing your following. Another nice touch would be to include a discount code for a return purchase that can help get your customer to buy from you again.

Say thanks

Last but not least, don’t forget to say thanks. Something as simple as a thank you note can increase a customer’s emotional investment in your brand.

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