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Developing Packaging Identity for your Brand

Developing Packaging Identity for your Brand

Developing Packaging Identity

The visual identity of packaging is what helps differentiate one brand from another and helps make a product recognisable as part of a brands overall identity. The products design projects to consumers not only the quality of the product itself, but also the brand values of the company.



- Is the packaging recognisable as part of a brand? Can you tell what the product is?


- Does the packaging help the product stand out from competition?


- Is the packaging attractive to consumers? How will it look when stacked on a shelf?

Bespoke tin packaging

The packaging material chosen is also an essential part of the development process. Does the packaging protect the product inside? Does the material match the quality message we wish consumers to perceive? If the wrong material is used the opposite message is sent to the target audience.

Bespoke cardboard packaging

Aston Business School has summarised the key emotional and psychological benefits of packaging which include:

  • To be a communications tool for the marketers to express and convey the brand values and images
  • To be aesthetically pleasing
  • To create an emotional link with the right kind of target audience
  • To have a strong visual impact – to stand out, be eye-catching, to attract the eyes of consumers and gain attention on the shelf, to differentiate itself from other brands
  • To act as a reminder for the brand at the point of sale and at home
  • To be a living expression of what the brand stands for
  • To add value in the eyes of the consumer
  • To provide cues to the consumers to express their loyalty to the brand

Packaging is often the most vital part of the product, yet it is the one part of a product that is often under exploited and undervalued. When choosing a packaging solution to promote your product you should consider all the aspects above to ensure your product is a success.

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