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Packaging demand up as Christmas comes early for many

Packaging demand up as Christmas comes early for many

There have been many news articles lately stating that online retailers are seeing a surge in purchases in recent weeks. Customers are choosing to do their Christmas shopping early due to the pandemic.

The extra business this is generating is welcomed by many but this can mean an operational nightmare for lots of companies endeavouring to fulfil these orders.

With this in mind, we have put together some top tips on how you can be more efficient and meet operational demand this Christmas.

Christmas Tin Packaging
  1. When it comes to packaging your product, review the packing process, could you reduce time by considering e-comms secure postal cartons which eliminates the requirement for packing tape. This will also help your green credentials
  2. Consider biodegradable packing nuts and double wall base cartons to keep your items secure, not only is this a quick and efficient way of packing, this also protects your product and avoids damages and consequently returns/replacements, avoiding duplication
  3. Regularly communicate with your couriers, make sure there are no delays, be proactive and inform them of how many parcels you have to collect so that they are collected promptly without delay
  4. Review your courier’s online systems to see if you are fully utilising these, many of them now have integration software that can automate labelling
  5. Send customers dispatch notifications with tracking details. This can save you time once the parcels been dispatched as this enables customers to track their order without the need to follow this up
  6. Have a cut off time for orders that is realistic for your operation, giving a clear expectation to your customers, this then avoids unnecessary follow up calls/emails.

At Millbarn Packaging, we offer a huge variety of stock metal tins and cardboard tube packaging, available on a next day despatch. We also provide a bespoke service allowing you to create any shape or size custom tin, based on your design aspirations. Contact us today to talk about your packaging options.


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