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Introducing the New Pressitin

Introducing the New Pressitin

Introducing the New 100 ml Pressitin™

The novelty Pressitin™ family has just got bigger! From December customers can purchase a new smaller 100 ml version of the self-sealing tin which already comes in 200 ml and 400 ml sizes.

“There’s no doubt that the Pressitin™ presentation adds a noticeable increase in sales due to its premium look. Next to cellophane bags of “homemade” spicy peanuts, our tins look impressive.”

Stuart McAllister, Hot-Headz

  “A great packaging idea which helped elevate my business from concept to supplying retailers UK wide, [we were] offered the perfect packaging solution”

Ed Vickers, Jollie Goods

The unique Pressitin™ features a separate body and base. Once the product has been sealed inside, the tin can is then opened using a ring pull mechanism.

Completely coated in a food safe lacquer, the Pressitin™ is suitable for sweets and other confectionery, as well as other novelty products such as t-shirts, gifts and even underwear.

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