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Considerations for Better Packaging

Considerations for Better Packaging

Have you just developed your new product? Are you ready to hit the market and “Wow” your customers? To ensure your product is successful, then you need to take careful considerations towards your packaging. Packaging introduces, protects, and displays your product – so to get this right, we have listed some considerations to make for better packaging.

Does the packaging explain the product?

It is important to communicate with the consumer what you are selling – without overwhelming them. Ensure the information on the packaging is succinct, and features your product’s unique qualities. Your packaging and the information you provide can aid the customers’ decision on whether they decide on your product – so let it show it off.

Is your packaging eye-catching?

Once your packaging is on the shelf or displayed online, it is important to attract the consumer. Making your product stand out from the potentially hundreds of similar products is no mean feat, so when designing your packaging take the competition into consideration and think what you can do differently. Perhaps you might want to use different colours, or packaging materials to help set you apart.

Don’t forget the practicality!

The primary job of packaging is to protect your product. It is easy to get caught up on how the packaging will look, but if it isn’t practical then the product inside might not be protected and could be damaged from the outside environment. Ensure you carefully consider the material, shape and size of the packaging to ensure that it is practical and protects your product.

What is the cost?

Ensuring your packaging is cost effective can have a huge impact on both supplier and consumer. Different packaging materials and shapes can have a huge impact on the cost, which can affect the end price for the consumer. Consider the weight of the packaging too – don’t forget the logistics involved and how the packaging can affect the price of shipping your product.

For more guidance on finding a packaging solution which suits you and engages with your consumers, then our customer service and account management teams are here to help you. Contact us and speak to a member of our team today.





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