Metal Packaging: What is a Circular Economy

Metal Packaging: What is a Circular Economy

Metal Packaging: What is a Circular Economy?

The purpose of a circular economy is to keep resources in use for as long as possible, closing the loop of product life cycles through greater recycling and reuse - opposed to the traditional linear economy (make, use, dispose). A circular economy produces no waste and no pollution.

As steel is a permanent material that can be recycled over and over again without loosing its inherent properties, it makes it the perfect packaging material for the circular economy.

How else does steel contribute to the economy?

  • Steel is the most recycled packaging material in Europe
  • Its magnetic properties mean it can easily be recovered from waste streams
  • Recycling metal saves resources and reduces emissions
  • 100% of all reycled steel packaging is resued to make new steel
  • Steel packaging preserves and retains nutrients - reducing food waste


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  • Daniel Hayes