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Cardboard suitable for cosmetics

Cardboard for Cosmetics

You requested it and we listened. Many businesses have been searching for an environmentally friendly alternative packaging to plastic for their cosmetic products and we are delighted to have developed a unique solution with our new expanded range of cardboard tubes and jars.

There are two new product types both suitable for the direct containment of creams, balms, waxes, lipsticks, powder, hair gel and deodorant.

The first product, our push-up base cardboard tube is an ideal size and shape for products such as lipsticks, deodorant sticks and lip balms. The cardboard tube is lined to prevent transference between the cardboard and product whilst creating a smooth run to allow for the product to be pushed up the tube as it is used by the consumer. The tube is available in three sizes and three colours, matt black, matt white and brown Kraft.

Our second exciting new launch are our new range of cardboard jars. The jars are shallow and wide making them perfect for creams, hair gels, waxes or cosmetic powders. As with the push-up base cardboard tubes, these cardboard jars are lined to stop transference of the product inside and the cardboard. Again, they are available in three sizes and colours of matt black, matt white and brown Kraft.

We also have a third new cardboard tube launching which is a reed diffuser style tall cardboard tube. Whilst it is not suitable for direct contact with cosmetics it is great for packaging fragrance bottles and other large items.

All our cardboard tubes and jars are made from recycled material and can be composted or recycled.

The new products will be available to purchase from July 2020. Sign-up to on the product page to receive a notification when they are available to purchase.

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