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4 Signs That Warrant A Packaging Overhaul

4 Signs That Warrant A Packaging Overhaul

Packaging capabilities are on the increase as consumers demand for packaging that does so much more than simply holding the product. Change can seem scary, but evaluating a packaging design from time to time is the key to success.  


This doesn’t necessarily mean sales are declining, but that they have become stagnant and are minimising growth opportunities. Getting to the route of the cause can be somewhat difficult as there’s usually varying factors, but considering a packaging overhaul is usually a good starting point.


A big killer of sales is confusion. Does your packaging actually tell the consumer what it is? It sounds fairly obvious, but it can often be overlooked. Your packaging must clearly reinforce the brand, state the product and highlight the benefits (whilst complying with many regulations regarding content).


Consumers change, the market changes, product placement changes, technology changes and the competitive environment changes. (Not much to keep up with then)!

There may be a shift in demographics actually using the product, which could be experienced through product placements in additional or new stores. As technology innovations continue to grow at an astonishing speed, customers want to continue with the experience digitally. Competitors that once were there might disappear, but new emerging brands may already be one step ahead.


In addition to ensuring the product remains in pristine condition, consumers expect eco-friendly packaging that is safe to the environment (reducing the amount ending up in landfill).

The current packaging design may be suited perfectly to the product, but consumers are opting for packaging that fulfils all sustainable factors, so switching now will only be beneficial in the future.

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