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3 Big Benefits of Cardboard Packaging

When looking for your packaging solution, there are a range of considerations to be made such as cost, practicality and recyclability. One of the materials of choice that excel in all these areas is cardboard, which is why it is one of the most popular choices to protect your product.

Here are three big benefits for choosing cardboard as the material for your packaging:

1. Easy to Brand

Not only can plain cardboard be an effective packaging design in itself, cardboard can also be transformed through colour and shape. Cardboard is easy to print on, and like metal packaging can be embossed to add a detailed touch. This all adds up to make cardboard one of the easiest materials to brand.

2. Recyclable

Cardboard packaging is easily and widely recyclable - the overall recycling rate for paper and paperboard packaging was 73.3 percent in 20171. This is one considerable advantage and can really add value to your brand by demonstrating your environmental responsibility. By using cardboard, it also ensures your customers can easily dispose of the packaging once used. At Millbarn Packaging, all our cardboard packaging is made from recycled paper, and can be recycled or even composted!

3. Cost Effective

Cardboard is considered particularly cost effective when compared to more expensive packaging solutions such as plastic. But despite the low-cost, it still adds a premium touch to your products. It is also lightweight, which means the packaging does not add too much to the weight of the product overall. With lighter packaging, it makes products easier and more economical to transport!

At Millbarn Packaging, we believe cardboard is one of the most versatile packaging materials you can use. This is why we are constantly expanding our range of cardboard products – such as our new wax-lined cardboard jars, diffuser tubes and push-up tubes.



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